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The Bulgarian company "Rosey`s mark" won golden medal at the international exhibition "Interfood & drink" 2017

The Bulgarian company

The innovative company grabbed the gold for its unique product of sugar-free roses.


The product portfolio so far includes 3 categories: jams, tea and chocolate.


The chocolate with roses product line features boutique handmade chocolate, the first one on the market created witn Bulgarian rose oil. The first taste, dark chocolate with roses, was launched in 2014 followed by 2 more in 2015 - milk chocolate and white chocolate. All 3 variations having a distinctive rose tinge, these chocolate bars are a true attraction for high quality craft chocolate lovers.


The jam collection stands out with original new recipes which were presented for the first time in 2016.All natural and with 100% fruit sugars, the new jam tastes are more fresh and more healthy because it doesn't contain cane sugar or sweeteners other than apple juice. New blends of roses and fruits enter the spotlight to delight the consumers. Roses, raspberries or strawberries? Why not all together!


Rosey's mark tea collection includes natural loose leaf herbs from Bulgaria, of highest quality and coming from the most clean precisely defined regions. Now you can enjoy the natural benefits of Bulgarian rose, lavender and Mountain tea/Sideritis Scardica.


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