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Bulgarian-Swiss business partnership in metal processing industry

Bulgarian-Swiss business partnership in metal processing industry
Enterprise Europe Network within Bulgarian Industrial Association has long term cooperation with the Bulgarian embassies’ trade missions abroad as stakeholders. 
EEN regularly asks for their contribution for brokerage events and company missions. 
Thus, EEN sent information to Bulgarian embassy in Bern, Switzerland, about brokerage event IMM2016 (April 7) aiming to attract Swiss companies.
The embassy disseminated this information among selected companies. Swiss company was interested in cooperation with Bulgarian companies, but was not able to attend IMM2016. 
The Swiss company was looking for Bulgarian metal processing partners. EEN selected 10 profiles of Bulgarian companies and sent them to the Swiss company. 
The Swiss company got in contact with one of the Bulgarian companies asking for an offer and a specific sample. In one month the Swiss company visited the Bulgarian company in its manufacturing facilities. 
The companies signed an order for production of specific products. 
The both companies have agreed on long term partnership for the future. 
The new partnership will contribute to improvement of the Bulgarian company’s market positions and increase the added value associated with its services. 
Both indicators will impact and contribute to increasing company’s turnover. 


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