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B2B meeting = business partnership and join representation

B2B meeting = business partnership and join representation

JODA Training requested a meeting with The Club. Thanks to the online B2B platform the both organizations have contacted each other’s and got in contact before the event. They have discussed further opportunities and strategies for cooperation and providing of join consulting services in UK and Bulgaria with concrete programs and activities. The both companies have signed an agreement at their meeting during IMM 2014. East of England identified market opportunities for SME’s in Bulgaria. After further market research involving EEN Sofia representatives it was decided a critical mass of potential clients willing to go international existed. EEN East of England then promoted the Industry Matchmaking IMM2014 brokerage event to clients in the East of England region through their website, mailshots, social media, trade associations, regional newspapers and partner organizations. JODA Training were subsequently recruited, EEN East of England then assisted with the matching process by searching the business co-operation database, IMM2014 brokerage website and regular liaison with EEN Sofia. JODA Training was also given assistance registering for the IMM2014 brokerage event and creating a partnership profile.

The both organizations are partners in proving of join UK-Bulgarian management consulting and training services since IMM2014 to present and they are planning join projects for delivering join consulting and training services. They represent each other’s services on the local markets and promote their activities among local clients. 


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