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Skills Act 4 VET

Skills Act 4 VET

The International Economic Relations Center (IERC) to Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) is partner in the project “Skills Act 4 VET” funded by the Erasmus+ programme. The project’s coordinator is Spanish organization “TRIBEKA TRAINING LAB” among other partners are organisations from Italy, Greece and Cyprus.   

The project aims to define solutions for facilitating the activation of key soft skills during short-term mobility experiences and therefore promoting a conjunct effort of enterprises, schools and training agencies working together on improving the design and overall implementation of short term VET mobility experiences with the sole objective of improving consistently the impact of such experiences on students and organizations.

The project meets the strategic aim of enhancing the ability of students to manage their personal growth through a better awareness of themselves and their skills and it aims to provide students with an innovative learning model which supports the development and assessment of transversal skills in a specific learning situation: a short (lasting less than a month) term work-based learning experience abroad.

Skills Act 4 VET addresses the following questions:

- How can transnational short-term work-based mobility experiences effectively ensure transversal

skills activation among young participants?

- Which transversal skills can be effectively activated through transnational short-term work-based

mobility experiences?

- How can schools and institutional actors involved in learning mobility projects facilitate soft skills activation?

Direct target groups are VET students (aged 14-18) experiencing a short term mobility and their teachers preparing and supporting the overall implementation of the related activities. Overall the project aims at reaching directly over 2.000 students and 800 teachers.


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