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Sofia Startup Expo 2018

The first Bulgarian exposition for startup innovative companies “Sofia Startup Expo 2018” (SSE) will take place in Sofia in March this year and coincides with the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Sofia Startup Expo 2018 is a trade show for startups and new entrepreneurs who will present their latest innovative products, technologies and services. The exposition will bring together the most innovative and thriving startups, along with C-Level executives from some of the top corporations, government agencies, incubators, investors, HNIs, VC funds, banks, students and technology companies across the region.

That’s the place where technology creators, innovation managers and investors will form relationships that will shape the future. Leaders, experienced entrepreneurs, investors as well as futurists and visionaries will be present at the expo and will give wings to the best ideas.

The slogan of the first edition of the exhibition is: "Give wings to your ideas".

WEB: https://www.sofiastartupexpo.eu/bg/


Contact person:

Teodora Sotirova

Tel:+359 2 932 09 34

E-mail: ierc3@bia-bg.com


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