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European Agenda on Migration and financial stability of EU

Ahead of next week's European Council where EU leaders will discuss progress made under the European Agenda on Migration, the Commission presented today four reports on measures taken to stabilise the flows and better manage the external borders. The Commission called on all parties to sustain progress and make further efforts to implement the agreed measures.

The Commission reviewed progress made in the EU's emergency relocation and resettlement schemes and, as announced in its previous progress report, specified its position on making use of its powers under the Treaties for those Member States that have not yet implemented the Council decisions.

The pace of relocation has significantly increased in 2017 with almost 10,300 persons relocated since January — a fivefold increase compared to the same period in 2016. As of 9 June, the total number of relocations stands at 20,869 (13,973 from Greece, 6,896 from Italy).

Progress on resettlement continues to be well on track with nearly three quarters (16,419) of the 22,504 resettlements agreed in July 2015 having already been carried out. Resettlements under the EU-Turkey Statement reached a new record high in May 2017 with almost 1,000 Syrian refugees being provided with safe and legal pathways to Europe. The total number of resettlements from Turkey under the Statement now stands at 6,254.

The Commission has decided to launch infringement procedures against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for breaching their legal obligations and their commitments with regards to Greece, Italy and other Member States.

More information: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/news/european-agenda-migration-and-financial-stability-eu_en 


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