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30 years of Erasmus programme

To mark the occasion, the Commission is also launching a new Erasmus+ mobile application. Designed for students, vocational learners and participants in youth exchanges, the app will make young people's Erasmus+ experience easier.

President Jean-Claude Juncker said: "Every euro that we invest in Erasmus+ is an investment in the future — in the future of a young person and of our European idea. I cannot imagine anything more worthy of our investment than these leaders of tomorrow. As we celebrate the 9 millionth person to take part, let's make sure we are 9 times more ambitious with the future of the Erasmus+ programme."

For a programme that will support more than 4 million people to study, train and volunteer abroad between 2014 and 2020, the Erasmus+ Mobile App represents an important improvement. It will guide students, vocational learners and young people throughout their Erasmus+ experience. This will help to make the programme more inclusive and accessible to all. The Commission is strongly committed to building the future of Erasmus+ beyond 2020 together with the Erasmus+ generation to strengthen the programme and ensure that it reaches out to an even wider range of young people.

The Erasmus+ Mobile App will allow participants to:

• Easily track their progress in the different administrative steps before, during and after their stay abroad. Through the app, students will also be able to agree and sign their study agreements online with both sending and receiving universities;

• Share and vote for their preferred tips to help others integrate into the local community;

• Improve their language skills via a direct link to the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support platform, offering online tutored courses and interactive live mentoring.


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