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Външнотърговски договори

General Conditions for the Erection of Plant and Machinery Abroad
General conditions for the supply of plant and machinery for export
General Conditions for the Supply and Erection of Plant and Machinery for Import and Export
Memorandum of Understanding between [company A] and [company B]/Training
Sample Letter of Intent – Negotiation of Sales
Memorandum of understanding/Marketing
Memorandum of understanding/General
Memorandum of understanding
Sample letter of intent and confidentiality agreement
Sample Pre-Bid Agreement,Joint Venture
Joint venture agreement/General
Public library licence
Standard License Agreement/Model contract with users’s guide
Standard License Agreement/Model contract
Guide for drawing up international contracts on consulting engineering including some related aspects of technical assistance
Guide on drawing up contracts for large industrial works
Confidentiality agreement UNCTAD
Confidentiality agreement
Sample commercial agency agreement /Model contract
Sample commercial agency agreement /Users’s guide
Sample commercial agency agreement
Restaurant Franchise Agreement
Distributorship agreement
standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to third countries
International buy-back contracts
Euro-Supply Contract, General Terms
Author-literary agent letter of agreement
General contract for feedingstuffs, tale quale - C.I.F. Terms
General Cost Insurance Freight Terms Contract (C.I.F.)
Standard prequalification document/work
Guidelines for partnership in industrial subcontracting
Research agreement
Production Contract
Conditions of sale
Standarts and regulations in international trade
Видове менителници и начини за използването им